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Imagination means
nothing without doing

.Frank Boode

He is a multiple award winning creative consultant, experience architect and concept developer all roled in one. An imagineer with an international background in theater, media, events and hospitality.

He wants to make an organization’s heart and soul truly experience authentic experiences, that transform the participant forever. In doing so, he uses creativity and his network to make the most impactful experience. Always with the client’s organizational DNA as its building blocks and its social skills as cement. Getting things done.

What characterizes him in his method and character is a blend of common sense and delicate intuition, a foresighted look and a little impatience, giving business a prosperous pace.

Always on the search for the deeper meaning.
Driven by curiousity and enthousiasm to create experiences that matter.
Turning ideas into reality to provoke, evoke and immerse.

Took the chair Business & Spirituality at Nyenrode Business University and is guest lecturer in the domains Creative Business, Economy & Art.